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Education Law

Boy DrawingEducation law covers early learning & childcare; primary education; secondary education; and further, higher and continuing education. So whatever age the learner, the education sector is increasingly subject to guidance, regulation and legislation.

We are able to provide the highest quality legal advice and representation to pupils, students and families who require assistance in resolving disputes with educational establishments.  Our goal is always to help you to achieve your goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We also provide education law services, especially training, to the voluntary sector and to educational establishments who want to know how best to comply with their legal duties.

We cover any and all aspects of education law, including:

  • placing request appeals;
  • exclusion appeals;
  • references to the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (ASNTS);
  • disability claims to the ASNTS;
  • judicial review and appeals to the higher courts;
  • co-ordinated support plans (CSPs);
  • assessment requests;
  • attendance issues;
  • bullying at school;
  • school transport;
  • discrimination claims;
  • access to funding and support;
  • transition to post-school life; and
  • GIRFEC (Named Persons, Child's Plans etc.).

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