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Most of us know we should get round to writing a will but somehow never quite do. Those who take action invariably feel much better knowing they’ve made provisions for the people they love. Don’t put it off because you think your situation is complicated – this just means you’ve got even more reason to do it!  Remember it’s our job to make it simple.

Writing a will is the best way to leave clear instructions about who you want to benefit from your estate.  It also gives you an opportunity to appoint someone you trust to make sure this happens.

If you don’t make a will, the people you would like to benefit, might not. It may also take longer and be more expensive to administer your estate.

Remember your will should be reviewed every now and then to ensure it still reflects your wishes and takes into account any changes in your circumstances.

If you want to provide for any of the following situations you should also consider setting up a trust.

  • To provide for someone you don’t believe is mature enough to inherit

  • To pass assets on as tax efficiently as possible

  • To ring fence assets where you’re concerned about a marriage failing or someone going bankrupt

  • To ensure an inheritance is disregarded when someone is being assessed for entitlement to benefits or care

  • To protect assets in the event of someone requiring residential care

  • To offer protection to someone who has a learning disability, mental illness, dementia or addiction        

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