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 Trust Definition

People often assume Trusts are only for wealthy clients but actually they're a really useful tool in a wide range of circumstances. They can be used to:

  • Provide for someone you don’t believe is mature enough to inherit

  • Pass on assets as tax efficiently as possible

  • Ring fence assets where you’re concerned about a marriage failing or someone going bankrupt

  • Ensure a personal injury award is disregarded when someone is being assessed for entitlement to benefits or care

  • Protect assets in the event of someone requiring residential care

  • Offer protection to someone who has a learning disability, mental illness, dementia or addiction.   

  • Offer flexibility

If any of these situations apply to you then please get in touch for an informal chat or to set up an appointment. 

For more detailed information about trusts, have a look at the Cairn Trust Management webiste which you can find at


There are very few organisations which can claim to manage trusts in such a diligent and caring manner as Cairn.

Gillian Brown, Morisons LLP